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Ekotermo Engineering helps to create a better indoor microclimate, paying attention to careful use of energy resources.

1. Exploring the object

2. Analyzing design documents

3. Drawing up a detailed heat balance of the building and heat flow, air exchange, water consumption, and electricity

4. Selecting the types of major equipment

5. Choosing brands and manufacturers of equipment

6. Carrying out technical and economic analysis

7. Analysing the optimum concept

1. Software calculations of the thermal balance and heat flow of the building, air exchange, water, and power consumption

2. Drawing up technical specifications for the design

3. Developing project documentation of one- or two-stage design. It includes hydraulic, thermal, and aerodynamic calculations, selection of equipment, placement of equipment and networks on the layout, execution of volumetric drawings, formatting the explanatory note, general data sheets, execution of detailed specifications of the project

1. Performing 3D designs based on available 2D drawings

2. Drawing up detailed specifications of equipment and materials

1. Online and offline support during project implementation

2. Coordinating details in case of equipment and material substitutions during construction

3. Following up the process in case of changes in design solutions

1. Advising on technical and economic issues of reducing energy consumption for existing facilities

2. Conducting an audit of project documentation to optimize costs in the future

What areas of construction do we work in?

Public buildings

Office centers, administrative offices, sports complexes, public spaces, shopping centers

Multi-storey residential construction

Hotel complexes, neighborhoods

Individual construction

Private houses, townhouses, villages

Industrial premises

Logistics complexes, production plants, transport enterprises, service companies