Alchevskykh Business Center

Development of engineering systems concept, execution of design documentation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, heat source, author’s supervision of project implementation


AREA: 3300 m2

YEAR: 2012

It is an office building in the central part of the city, which also houses the principal (main) office of our company. The building, designed with innovative engineering solutions, is connected only to the electricity, water, and sewage networks. The sources of heat and cold are two “air-water” heat pumps and a reserve electric boiler which operates only when the temperature outside is below 15 degrees.

Zone ventilation systems with thermodynamic recovery allow the required load to be reduced and fresh air to be supplied only to the areas where people are present. A floor-by-floor ventilation solution eliminated ventilation shafts, freeing up additional practical space. Ceiling-mounted water panels heat the stairwells and entrances, eliminating the need for high-temperature radiators.

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